PC Gaming Apps You Need To Know About In Fall 2017


There has never been a better time to be a gamer in the modern world. With the developing and massive nature of the games industry offering us multiple amazing experiences a year, as well as shifting cultural perceptions around what’s ‘cool’ to play, our societies have become completely absorbed in virtual space, and how that helps us experience things we otherwise never would.

As a gamer in 2017, you have many new options for entertainment, to challenge your perceptions narratively, or to simply go for a high score in arcade games of almost staggering complexity. Kickstarter campaigns have allowed old celebrated titles to develop sequels backed by fans, indie companies have taken on more viability as sustainably profiting organizations, and the wide online community has never been larger.

Chief among the gaming experiences available on the modern market is the burgeoning world of PC video gaming. Not only does computing power vastly outweigh the power felt by consoles in the current state, but there is a greater variance in the gaming experiences you can find. If you’re hoping to get the ultimate gaming experience, consider upgrading to a personal computer, treating yourself with some awesome implements and desk accessories found at hotrate https://www.hotrate.com/gifts-for-gamers/, and in order to get yourself fully set up, install the following apps on your operating system:


Discord has quickly become the de facto chat app for gamers. Not only is a server free to open, craft and maintain, but you can invite an unlimited amount of members into it. Unlike Ventrilo and Teamspeak which were the apps that held dominance before, Discord offers a fully featured and incredibly reliable chatroom functionality.

With recent introductions in video and voice chat being unveiled, this two-year-old chat app has already become the go-to place for all varieties of social gaming. Open a free profile today, download the app, and meet friends from communities all over the internet. If you’re looking for people to meet, consider finding your favorite game’s discussion board on Reddit, and they’re likely to have a link to a personalized Discord for community members to meet and have fun

Gaming Stores

There have been many words written about Steam because it’s currently by far the most popular gaming store delivery service on the internet. The sales, community aspects and digital download availability make Steam by far the best gaming shopping experience you can have on PC.

However, there are other stores worth looking into, such as the EA-owned Origin service which holds massive IP’s such as Mass Effect and Battlefield, to Battle.Net which delivers Blizzard games such as Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Not only this but if you have a more retro interest, GoG and the GoG Galaxy free software package can help you play older games which have been designed to run well on modern systems.


Speccy is a system management tool which gives you up to the minute information about the components in your PC, and what temperature they are sitting at. It’s great for when you need to assess the internals of your PC, and to check that your graphics card is operating at a safe temperature. Download it, install it, and open it sporadically to give yourself the best insight into the way your desktop PC is functioning.

With these tips, your gaming career is just beginning. An amazing amount of marvels await you. Have fun!