Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Review

When news first arrived that the crash empire would be releasing a new game. The whole world went nuts. It was a childhood favourite for so many households across the world. It was rolled out onto the PS4 platform on the 30th of June 2017. It smashed pre sale records, with tons of people choosing to put a deposit down in order of not missing the game. It consists of three of the crash games; Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped. The three most iconic of the crash series. All three had a major face lift, which was going to be obvious due to sheer jump in technology and graphics we’ve had. Yet nothing about the actual game has really changed. The levels, characters, and sounds have all stayed the same. Here’s a review of what the game was like to play.


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Game Play

The first thing that a lot of people pointed out is, the game is hard to play. Well, harder than when most of us were kids and attempting it. But this shouldn’t be classed as a negative. It added excitement to the game, and if anything, made game play last longer. The graphics were incredible. Everything was so sharp and defined, it really made the characters and scenery pop to life. It also sort of made the game easier to play. Although the levels were hard, moving through them was easy. There were no annoying glitches, the characters were extra responsive to movements, and it really just had a smoother feeling compared to its very older brother. This game was review on a standard PS4, the graphics would have been 10x better on a custom gaming pc, it would have been interesting to compare the difference.

The attention to detail that Vicarious Visions (the developer) has gone to is outstanding. One huge improvement is the enemies. In the first lot of the three games, the enemies were always so hard to kill. It is very noticeable that in the new series, enemies move more fluidly, and are easier to kill or dodge. There’s no lag what so ever during the game which is perfect. The sounds are also crisper, with additional noises such as feet crunching on the floor, or the wind blowing have been added. It doesn’t affect gameplay, but it’s a nice additional touch. The best of the three games is definitely Cortex Strikes Back, it’s much more fun, crash is able to move around better, and it’s just generally more engaging.


All of the original characters still appear in the new games. There’s Aku Aku, the mask that appears making the funny noise. Crush, Crunch, Coco, Doctor Neo Cortex to name but a few. As with the scenery of the game, they’ve all had a little face lift too. It’s so much easier to see the features of the character’s. They look so crisp and clear in the HD platform. They all play exactly the same role as they did in the beginning, and seeing them all together in a high definition view really offers something nostalgic. Crash still remains the main character throughout the game.


The price of the game when first released was around $35-$55 depending on which store you got it from. It has now rapidly reduced to around $20-$30. There’s also cool collectable extras to take a look at. You can get model figures of most of the main crash characters from the internet. If you can collect all of them, they might be worth something a little more in the future!


There’s only two negatives of this game. One being the fact it is only available on the PS4 platform. Many xbox lovers weren’t too happy about this, but at the same time, crash has always been on playstation. It wouldn’t be right to release it on all platforms. If they had done however, there profit could have been exponential compared to what it was. Although this didn’t have PS4 lover’s complaining. The second issue is just how damn hard the levels were. Yes it’s good to have a little bit of a challenge, but not three whole games worth of rock solid challenges. It did anger a lot of people, especially parents. The game was simply just too hard to play for some children. I think if they had the chance to do it again, they should have options that let you choose game play difficulty. That way it’ll be suitable for all ages. But even so, the game did need to be toned down a bit.