The Cosmopolitan Hotel: San Diego

Recently we had the chance to experience a very unique hotel experience in San Diego when we stayed at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Located in scenic Old Town, the hotel is one of the oldest buildings in the area as it was built in 1827, and has ten rooms that offer a unique and relaxing experience. While the hotel has been updated over the years it was more in lines of restoring and preserving than making radical changes aside from a second story which was added over a hundred years ago.

We checked in at a podium near the main courtyard which serves as the restaurant area and were walked upstairs to our room by our hostess.

The room is like steeping into the past with old style furnishings, fixtures, and a lack of a television or radio. The room does have Wi-Fi access so guests can stay in touch and stream movies or shows should they wish.

We had just come from a cruise so being able to relax and enjoy the day was a great relief and the beautiful and relaxed atmosphere was very welcome.

Aside from the restaurant, there were great dining and shopping options within an easy walk from the hotel and we had a very nice dinner at Fiesta de Reyes which served up amazing Mexican cuisine in an outdoor setting with live music and numerous shops to enjoy.

The only drawback to the room was that the windows are thin and as such we heard way too much of a late night conversation from some people who had just celebrated a birthday and opted to stand outside our room for twenty minutes and say their goodbyes.

Our morning was nice as we had a breakfast of fresh scones and coffee as well as cereal, juice, and other assorted items to enjoy.

Our check out was very easy as we simply dropped our keys in a checkout box and left, and with the free parking provided by the hotel, we had very easy access to the freeway for our trip home.

While some guests may want more modern conveniences, if you are looking for a quiet and unique getaway, then The Cosmopolitan Hotel offers a very affordable and unique experience that is perfect for getting away and relaxing.

The venue also hosts special events and you can learn more about it at the address below.

Cosmopolitan Hotel