From Zero to Hero: Gambling Yourself to Financial Freedom!

One of the essences of life is to gain financial freedom. Everyone is striving to get to a state where they do not have to work for money, but their money works for them. Unfortunately, this objective can be quite elusive. A very small percentage of the world’s population had truly been able to reach this status. Here’s why.


To be able to achieve a state of financial freedom, you should save at least 30% of your monthly income. With the monthly expenses that are part of life: mortgage, transportation, education, food and medical care, sparing the 30% is quite a task. However, that doesn’t even explain the conflict of where you will invest your savings in order for it to multiply. Having the money in the bank and not doing anything with it will not earn your financial freedom. If anything, leaving the money there will only benefit the bank and the borrowers who are looking for enough capital to invest.


Financial Freedom

Gambling is when you place your money on something with the hope that your investment will multiply. When you look at this definition, any investment you make is a gamble. You are never sure whether your money will successfully grow or whether you will lose. Look at the stock market, for example, you buy shares of a company when they are cheap with the hopes that the prices of the shares will grow, and that you will then be able to sell them for more and make your profit. The risk is that the cost of the shares may drop due to different factors and instead of you making a profit, you will be suffering loses.


That said, investments take a while, years even before you could get into the leagues of the billionaires. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and the other world billionaires took up venture not knowing how they would turn out. All they had was a dream and their hard work. They risked taking on those ventures. Them becoming billionaires took years. The larger majority are not in this status quo. And they are putting in their very best.


What we are saying is, an everyday job will not make you rich. Most of the time.



First things first; gambling is not illegal. It has existed since time immemorial and has even featured in religious books like the Torah, the Quran, the Bible and the Mahabharata. Even then, the act has often been looked at as a negative activity, and it has been discouraged. This could be because back then, gambling was carried out by either lowlife or members of some secret societies. But gambling ventures have played a huge part in philanthropy the world over, taking part in social welfare and healthcare ventures.


But that is not the only good thing about sports gambling or the lottery. Here’s a small quiz, which is the one way that could move you from a pauper to a millionaire in an instant? Yep, you guessed it right, gambling. Gambling is the easiest way to turn a few coins into thousands and millions of dollars. Zero one minute, hero the next, with the snap of a finger. With the indulgence in a form of entertainment that you thoroughly enjoy like the online roulette for real money, slots, and baccarat, you could end up in the elusive list of millionaires. And all that while you are taking part in your favorite pass time. It has been done!


Real Life Gambling Successes

  • Jessica Agbunag, a regular graduate, went to Vegas on a girl’s night out and played the Wheel of Fortune with $12 and left Las Vegas $1.7 million richer. Straight out of grad school, how long would she have worked to make that amount? With this win, her life changed. College loan was paid off, and all the other costs were taken care of. And with just one spin!
  • A few college guys from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gambled their way into financial freedom as well. And all that with a little strategy that proved successful. Not even their diplomas and degrees from MIT would have made them that rich that fast!
  • Archie Karas went to Vegas with a borrowed $40. He had no money anywhere else. No savings, no investments. A gamble later and Archie was leaving Vegas $30,000 richer. Not even the best investors get that much return at the weekend, leave alone a day.
  • Programmer Chris Boyd took all his savings amounting to $200,000 and went to Vegas. He bet on the European roulette and red and left Vegas with twice the amount.
  • Sean Connery, the real James Bond, loved to bet on 17 on the roulette wheel. He did this a couple of time but left $27,000 richer in the end. This is money he was not going to pick somewhere even during his ‘spy-escapades’.


These are just some of the huge wins that have been experienced by punters. The numbers are many, the testimonies great.


Yes, gambling can be problematic. Actually, statistics show that 2.3% of the world’s population is struggling with gambling addiction. However, it is a form of entertainment just like a visit to the movies, and a night out clubbing. In all these, money is used, and if overdone, then they could all turn problematic. If anything, out of all the entertainment activities, only gambling could leave you richer than you were.