Trendnet TEW-816 Modem/Router

Having a fast and stable internet connection is vital especially for those of us who work in the media. At our AZ office we are limited to having only a couple of providers and as such we get good download speeds but our upload speeds leave something to be desired.

We began to notice a series of frequent incidents of web outages, and our provider assured us the network and lines were working fine. We swapped out our modem and router that they have provided a couple of times and did regular speed and network tests yet the issue remained.

We then tried the Tew-816 Modem/Router by Trendnet and are very happy with the results. While we did have to setup a new network, the tech support provided was able to help even with the trial and error phase of testing one setting versus another.

Once connected, we have had stable and faster network access and have seen a much better performance in Netflix, gaming, downloads, uploads, and more. Best of all we have rarely had any disruptions in service and when they have happened, a power-cycle of the modem solved the issue.

The biggest issue we have had with the hardware was using a Google device as it was not able to detect the network. Tech Support was not much help and actually disabled the network and then argued with me when I told him the settings he wanted us to use were not correct. When it did not work I ended up setting the network correctly on my own and then had to hunt to find the needed areas to adjust in the setup menus to get the device to work. While it should not have taken three calls and an e-mail to end up having to resolve the issue myself this is not the fault of the hardware and the sleek and stylish unit has performed beyond expectations.

Trendnet also offers a range of cameras as well which will help offer new levels of security as they offer Baby monitors as well as home security.