The Most Powerful Gaming Console: Xbox One X

Microsoft was one the leader of the video game consoles with the Xbox One, however, this changed after its launch. A major mishap at launch slowed the momentum for the Xbox One, and this gave its immediate competitor Sony the chance to lead in sales. But, as from the beginning of November this year, Microsoft is set to get back its place as the leader of video games consoles with what is rumored to be the most powerful gaming console ever: the Xbox One X.

An innovative system by Microsoft, the Xbox One X is said to be the most advanced and powerful console that you can find today, and it is now officially on sale. If you are looking for reviews about technological releases, then you can check them on various Facebook pages. One such Facebook page is that of Lucky Pants Bingo, where you can also find about the latest online quizzes plus where you can also play quizzes and watch videos about the latest technological releases.

Launched on 7 November 2017, the Xbox One X is currently priced at £450 for Pre-order at the Microsoft Store and at Argos as well. That’s twice the price of the Xbox One. This might look a bit pricey for some, as you can currently purchase an Xbox One S for the price of just £190. And if you want a comparison, it’s good to note that the PS4 Pro by Sony is priced at £340. Microsoft has reassured everyone that the Xbox One would still have an expected lifespan of 10 years.

Although the Xbox One X console is available for pre-order in the UK, it’s a real fight currently for anyone trying to purchase one. It is believed that the stock levels of this console are currently facing an all-time low. Many high street retailers have sold out their initial first stock, but it’s worth signing up for notifications so as to be informed when the next batch of stock is available.

If you are wondering why the Xbox One X is the most powerful gaming console, you simply have to peek under its hood. The Xbox One X is a powerful system that have been specially built so that you can enjoy 4K gaming. This console has an innovative 4K Ultra Blue Ray Player, plus it has a computer and graphics processing unit which will result in smoother graphics and a much faster load time, even on any HD TV. That’s certainly some impressive specifications about the Xbox One X, but the question remains if this console would be able to lure enough customers. Currently the PS4 by Sony has sold over 60m units around the world. As Microsoft has stopped providing sales updates since 2015, it is not known how many units of Xbox One have been sold till date.

You won’t have to chuck away any of your old games that you own for the original Xbox, Xbox One and Xbox 360 can still be played on this latest console by Microsoft as it has backwards-compatibility. While it’s future is still unclear, the Xbox One X is definitely one of the sleekest and most impressive console for you to have the best gaming experience at the moment.