NBA Live 18 Reveals Livestreaks

The season is off to a strong start and those who love to take the action to the console will love this latest news that EA sent us.


Got some cool news for you as today marks the start of the first ever LIVESTRIKE in NBA LIVE 18. Now, you may be thinking “I’ve never heard of a LIVESTRIKE before,” and that’s valid because they are BRAND NEW! LIVESTRIKES are limited-time events that drop new content like Live Event challenges and premium in-game apparel, shoes, traits and more. This week we’re teaming up with Undefeated to introduce some of their iconic fashion into a video game for the very first time, including the ultra-rare Undefeated Jordan IVs. Here’s a look to see how one of the original streetwear brands made the jump to the digital world.


Undefeated is just the start, and throughout the rest of the month we’ll also be featuring the iconic BAPE, as well as the up-and-coming Pink Dolphin. Each brand is getting their signature apparel into the game, as well as unique themed courts for Live Events. To see all the brands coming this month and a sneak peek at their courts, check out this video

The best thing about a LIVESTRIKE is that all the content is free, you’ve just got to earn it by showing your skills out on the court. As you win LIVESTRIKE events you’ll unlock new gear, but you have to act fast because once the LIVESTRIKE is over the rewards are no longer available. Don’t sweat it too much though, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing even more awesome stuff coming in future LIVESTRIKES…