New Dota2 Patch Changed Everything

Dota 2 is a game that needs no presentation! It has fascinated generation after generation and it is the most popular and well-payed eSport out there. But life as we knew it changed with the Dueling Fates update that was deployed last month. This new patch adds two new heroes to the game and a lot of other, smaller additions that literally could change everything when it comes to this popular MMORPG.



The two new heroes

The announcement about the two new heroes was made some time ago so there’s no surprise that everyone knew their future abilities and how it will handle best. It’s not really a gamble, like one you’d be able to see at Quasar Casino. Even so, Pangolier is a melee carry hero that is simply good at everything it does. Speaking about abilities, the main ability of this new hear is called Swashbuckle which sees the hero charge forward and release a series of deadly attacks on a straight line. The second ability, he has, Shield Crash is a spell that can be seen on many other Dota2 heores. The major difference is that, beyond stunning its enemies, this ability also gives the hero a shield that will increase his armor.



The second new hero is named Dark Willow and his main functions are magic and heavy support. As if things weren’t confusing enough, this new hero is a she and her abilities are just mind-blowing. The first ability of Shadow Moon is Bramble Maze that will apply an AoE root. The other ability of Shadow Moon is called Shadow Realm and it is quite interesting. When you cast it, the ability makes the ‘victim’ take a lot of damage and that includes the units around it. Her third and final ability is names Cursed Crown and it will stun the victim before

A bit of DOTA history

Dark Willow comes in the form of two abilities. One of them summons Dark Wllow’s a pet that can be used for safe delivery. This pet comes in the form of a wasp and it will continuously circling around and dealing a lot of damage along the way. This is not the first hero in Dota to have a pet, but it is, most certainly, the first every that can deal so much damage over automatic and random attack. Besides that, the two new heroes that are presented to the Dota 2 universe, even though they are not necessarily very spectacular, will act as a moderator over the entire hero database. A lot of voices complained that the teams were unbalanced, one team having advantage over the other due to inconsistencies regarding the heroes. Basically, it’s like choosing a new online casino where to play at and if you’re not sure what you want, you can simply consult the online casino list on any profile outside out there. Now those days are gone and if you don’t succeed, you only have yourself to blame.

Missing items

Along with the new patch, heroes were not the only ones affected. Some items just like the Poor Man’s Shield or Iron Talon have been also removed from the game without an official statement. Just like the two were removed, another 5 new items have been created. Just like the two new heroes, this two new items should help to further boost fairness and equal chances.


Apart from what we mentioned above, the Dota 2 patch did not only change the face of the game almost completely, but it also gives a lot of hope towards the direction video-games are going to follow in the years to come. We’re all sick and tired by games that are simply ‘too big to fail’ but, every now and then you should also listen to the ones around you sa you might not have the best perspective about them all.