Boom Box Blue!

Boom Box Blue!, at its heart, was a classic casual game. With an addictive quality, it easily made time drift away. Loading into the game I first looked for directions which were visibly placed at the home screen. You basically have to avoid the blocks while collecting stars to level up.

Each time you leveled, you are given a star that you used to level up one of a variety of stats. Me being a sucker for “gold”, I quickly maxed out the star stat, this made leveling a bit easier by raising the amount of stars that dropped. There were a few aspects of the game that were not explained as nicely. Some things not found in the beginning instructions were the powerups that would drop randomly. Some items would shrink you, others would heal and make you larger. I thought that was a nice touch the game had. There were tips at the end of each round that explained some of these mechanics. The gameplay was smooth, I never felt that a hit shouldn’t count or that the hitboxes were off.

At first, I thought that the movement was almost too sensitive, but getting further into the game showed that the speed was greatly appreciated. Overall, the game was fun for the hour it took me to max out the stats. I would give this game a 3/5 Stars.