What Is MSVCP120.DLL?

MSVCP120.DLL is a dynamic link libraries file which has the collection of modules, also containing data and functions used by Windows applications. If it is not there Windows can’t perform its normal functions. It helps running many programs and games.

Causes of MSVCP120.DLL Missing Error

Mostly the main cause of “MSVCP120.DLL Missing” or “msvcp120.dll not found” error messages is misconfiguration of device or malicious software. When a device is not configured properly and MSVCP120.DLL error occurs, it might cause your system to crash, or freeze, the system gets slow, or or you can even encounter blue screen of death. In some cases malicious software might be the one damaging the MSVCP120.DLL file and this might be because your system is being attacked by a spyware or virus.


Methods Of Fixing MSVCP120.DLL Errors

Sometimes, if the MSVCP120.DLL error occurs you can get it solved with Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013. You can navigate to Microsoft official page and click “Download” and get the Visual C++ redistributable packages.

You can also download vcredist_x64.exe and vcredist_x86.exe to solve MSVCP120.DLL error problem even if you are using 64bit Operating System.

Run both the installers and install them. Go to restart your system and after the system has rebooted, you can check whether the problem is solved.

Another good method is to search for the MSVCP120.DLL file on the internet. There are lots of websites which distribute DLL files, but you got to make sure that they are authentic sites. Making sure of the trustworthiness of the site is necessary because many website promises to give you DLL files and other files, but rather sends virus or malware and spyware and mess up your system.

Also, some website will distribute MSVCP120.DLL but with that they will also send you a pack of unwanted software which would mess up with the system. So, making sure that you are downloading from an authentic website from where you want to download the DLL file is a must. Else you are going to be in a much bigger problem. You don’t want to make your system vulnerable so be very careful about the website you are picking.

You can directly click the link from the search result list and go to the page, or you can go to one of the trusted websites and type the DLL file you need on the search box. Don’t forget to click the Operating System you are using and then click on Download Now Button. Now from the location of the download copy the file to C:\Windows\System32 if you are using a computer of 32 bits or to C:\Windows\SysWow64 if you are using 64 bits operating system. Then restart the computer to check if the error is solved.


The most frequent errors with msvcp120.dll are:
● msvcp120.dll is missing
● msvcp120.dll error loading
● msvcp120.dll crash
● msvcp120.dll was not found
● the procedure entry point msvcp120.dll
● msvcp120.dll could not be located
● msvcp120.dll Access Violation
● Cannot find msvcp120.dll
● Cannot register msvcp120.dll
If you are facing any of these errors, please follow the instructions as given above, your problems are going to be solved.