Just Dance 2018

The latest game in the hit series Just Dance has released its 2018 edition and it is filled with slick dance moves and sizzling hits that will get you up and moving.

Playing on the Nintendo Switch Version, we enjoyed new hits from Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Ed Sheeran as well as classics from Queen, WHAM, and the Village People.

If you are familiar with the series than you know what to expect, as players have to copy dance moves portrayed by a graphic as the music plays.

The better you do; the higher your score and you can play on your own or with another player for an even greater challenge.

As players advance, they will be able to unlock more songs and options. I really enjoyed the HD Rumble function as the vibration of the JoyCon controller added a new level of feedback to the performance.

The game will give you a solid workout as well as after a few songs you will really feel like you have done a decent workout at your local gym. The fun of the game is evident as not only do you want to do a good job on the routines, but you are eager to unlock new songs and try the various modes the game offers.

For younger gamers, there is a kid’s mode which features songs and routines which are geared towards younger gamers.

Not only is the game great to play, but thanks to the portable nature of the Nintendo Switch version; Just Dance 2018 is a portable party for those on the go. Taking it on the road to various conventions and trips also allows for a fun workout on the go as well as a great entertainment at office and family gatherings.

Some may find the menu navigation takes a bit to get used to in order to find a song/mode that works best for them but in no time players will be up and moving.

The series shows no signs of slowing down and Just Dance 2018 continues the winning formula of the series as well as introduces new and very appealing features.

4 stars out of 5