SAW Comes To Dead By Daylight

The Horror-Survival game Dead By Daylight has taken the immersion of Horror themed gaming to a new level with the release of the SAW content DLC. The game casts players as one of four survivors or a killer who must work with one another to survive and escape random locales. Players must locate and repair various generators to escape all the while avoiding a deranged killer who will be stalking their every move.

Players can play characters inspired by “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Halloween”,” Nightmare on Elm Street” and other films and uses random locales like Haddonfield, swamps, asylums, and so on.

The killer must locate and eliminate players by wounding them and carrying them to a hook station where they can attempt to impale and eliminate players. Players can try to free themselves but may damage themselves in the process and other players face the choice of helping free or heal injured players or using them as a distraction to complete tasks needed to escape.

Players do not have any weapons and have to use pallets to slow the path of the killer or take advantage of cabinets and cover to hide from danger.

When the killer strikes, players are informed of where other players are in need just the same way that wounded players and those working on generators can give away their location.

Playing a “SAW” Themed map did result in me getting caught and fitted with a Bear Trap but I was able to escape and find a way to remove the trap. This was key as the killer had me firm in their grasp when the exit opened and thankfully I was able to wriggle free and escape.

Playing as the killer is lots of fun as I was able to twice eliminate all who encountered me which required some hard choices and brutal tactics.

Players are able to access new abilities as they go on and this helps them survive. Players can also get objects like a flashlight and toolkit to help them make repairs and blind the vision of the killer.

While the game is not what gamers may expect from a major studio release, it is a fun distraction that allows players a great horror experience with their friends or other gamers online.

4 stars out of 5.