Dark Horse To Release Four-issue StarCraft: Scavengers Series

This looks to be great news for StarCraft fans.


Four-issue "StarCraft: Scavengers" Series Set to Release in 2018
MILWAUKIE, Ore., (February 1, 2018)—Dark Horse and Blizzard Entertainment are
excited to announce a new four-issue comic series: StarCraft: Scavengers. This comic
series is the latest addition to Dark Horse and Blizzard Entertainment’s line of
critically acclaimed publications, preceded by The Art of Overwatch, Overwatch
Anthology: Volume 1, and World of Warcraft Chronicle (volumes I and II).
Writer Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Faith) and artist Gabriel Guzmán (Star Wars) join
forces for StarCraft: Scavengers, a new comic series further exploring the expansive
universe of Blizzard’s acclaimed science-fiction real-time strategy game series. In
StarCraft: Scavengers, a group of terrans hopes to pull off the job of their
lifetimes: pillaging a derelict protoss ship in a decaying orbit above an
uninhabited planet. The scavengers’ dangerous mission is seen from the point of view
of a young, inexperienced engineer. The team must scavenge the ship’s priceless tech
before it burns up in the planet’s atmosphere, but can they beat the clock and avoid
being busted by Dominion police forces?
Originally released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998, StarCraft is a real-time
strategy game that chronicles the interstellar war between three galactic species:
the protoss, the zerg, and the terrans. The saga continues in the acclaimed sequel
StarCraft II, which is now available free-to-play—including the epic, award-winning
Wings of Liberty™ campaign.
The first issue (of four) of the StarCraft: Scavengers comic series goes on sale
July 25, 2018, and will be available for preorder at your local comic shop soon.
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