Fifty Shades Freed

The third and final entry in the “Fifty Shades” series has arrived with the release of “fifty Shades Freed”. The story opens with the wedding of Anastasia (Dakota Johnson), and Christian (Jamie Dornan), and follows their honeymoon in the lavish locales of France.

There getaway is cut short by an act of sabotage at Christian’s company and it soon becomes clear that a person from their past has taken things to a dangerous level which requires Christian to implement security measures for Anastasia and their extended family.

In between the intrigue presented by the threat, we also have numerous scenes of nudity and eroticism as Christian is not going to give up his dominating needs anytime soon.

Combine this with a new revelation that threatens to disrupt the crafted and controlled world he has created for himself and Anastasia; the tensions rise between them making a dangerous and stress-filled situation even more complicated.

While the film does have a better plot and is more engaging than the previous films in the series it is hampered by many of the same issues that hindered the series. The two leads have zero chemistry with one another and their supposedly highly erotic scenes are so routine and by the numbers they lack any form of excitement or real titillation. The film also has this message that behavior that would be considered highly unacceptable in others seems to get a pass for Christian as he is a handsome billionaire. He is a very selfish and controlling individual who demands obedience. While Anastasia does have a strong enough character to stand up to him, she tolerates behavior that would be considered unacceptable by many and seems very quick to give him a pass when lavish gifts and trips are bestowed upon her. I wonder how romantic and acceptable his behavior would be if he was a struggling musician who did not have the financial resources to create fantasies and buy his apologies. I know the film is supposed to be romantic fantasy but this really annoys me as he exhibits much of the behavior that is considered unacceptable and to be avoided at all costs, yet it is all wrapped up in a sweet bow of forgiveness.

That aside the series does seem to be losing steam as the last film earned less than the original film and “Fifty Shades Freed” is tracking to open well below the last film as well. Fans of the series will likely enjoy it as a satisfying finale, but I really expected more from the final moments of the series as after following the characters, the ending seemed very anti-climactic.

2.5 stars out of 5.

Second Review by Tracie Barrientos


I remember when I picked up and started reading the Fifty Shades trilogy and wondering what the hell I had just gotten myself into and then not being able to put it down. In the last and final installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy Christian (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) find themselves in a whirlwind of emotions and events that will teach them valuable lessons in their twisted and loving relationship.

In Fifty Shades Freed, the film opens on a lavish wedding only a Grey could afford. Then it’s off to an unforgettable honeymoon in Paris. The celebration is quickly cut short due to a breach at Christian’s office. Fearing that the intruder is Ana’s creepy ex boss Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Christian arranges twenty-four hour security for Ana. Though Christian definitely has his own ideas for keeping Ana on a tight leash especially when it comes to the idea of having kids. When pressed about the matter, his answer comes down to how he has plans and is not ready to share her just yet. Though this proves to be a big issue, it is not as big as the whirlwind of emotions that this pair of newlyweds will soon endure.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and thought it was romantic and hot as hell. Moviegoers that have yet to see the first and or second installment might get lost and I don’t mean within Christian’s eyes. As a stand alone film to me it simply doesn’t work but as the ending to the erotic trilogy it definitely works though not as climactic as the movie poster claims it to be. I myself would like to have seen maybe Jeffery Dean Morgan as Christian Grey, I mean a girl can dream right? I would’ve also cut some scenes and added a few scenes but as with most page to screen films they can never be perfect or just how we want them to be however most of it was how I pictured it to be.

The cinematography along with the picturesque backdrops of Paris, Aspen and of course the few actual Seattle scenes were all gorgeous. The soundtrack is on point but the chemistry between Anastasia and Christian is just not there. It never has and at this point you should be used to that. I also caught on to some similarities in scenery from the original muse of the Twilight films. Don’t worry folks, there are plenty of scenes full of “kinky fuckery” to enjoy! With that being said I do recommend the film for fans of the trilogy and or couples looking for a romantic evening out.

3 out of 5!