What We Hope To See Revealed At E3 2018

With General Public tickets on sale now for E3 2018; and our media credentials already confirmed, we have started to look ahead to all of the exciting games that we hope to see and have announced at the upcoming show June 12th-14th in Los Angeles.

This year looks to be as exciting as ever as companies reveal the games that the will be releasing in the next couple of years and also allow some hands-on time with games that are closer to being released.

With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to look at some titles that I hope to see announced at the show as well as which games that have already been announced that I am looking forward to seeing and learning more about.

Borderlands 3

It would be wonderful to see a new Borderlands game announced. While rumors have hinted that a new game is in the works, one has to wonder how far into development it is and if E3 2018 will be the time for a reveal.

The New Alien Game

FoxNext announced a new shooter was coming from Cold Iron but we have had little more than that to go on. While a playable version may be too much to ask for, it would be great to get some more information on this one.

Call of Duty

The rumors have said it is a new Black Ops adventure but it will be interesting to see what Treyarch has in store for us as they have had some of the better releases in the series in recent years and with COD: WW2 recharging the fan base, this will be one to watch.

Days Gone

Sony has impressed with the game footage and booth at the Playstation Experience but like Spider-man, this is one we cannot wait to see more of.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ubisoft delighted fans with this reveal during their showcase and we can only hope that there will be a playable version of the game at the show.

A new franchise from Bethesda.

There have been rumors that something new from the company is in the works but fans of course want to know about the existing franchises as well. Their pre-show showcases have been very popular and we cannot wait to see what comes next.

A new Star Wars and Battlefield game.

EA had a hard 2017 from a P.R. standpoint and they can use some momentum. A new Battlefront and Star Wars game announcement to go along with EA sports titles could be just the ticket.

New exclusives from Microsoft.

This is a big year for Microsoft as with Sony’s domination in the market and Nintendo continuing to sell, Microsoft can use a series of AAA exclusives to fire up gamers.


Sales have been great for the Switch but now is the time for new franchises and new titles to take the lead from the numerous remastered and reissued titles. They have done well with their exclusives, and now is the time to build on their momentum.

Of course there are going to be numerous other reveals as well as games we have not even heard about to say nothing of what Sony has in store. One thing is certain; the excitement level is already building. Which titles do you hope and want to see at the show?


  1. oldskoolgamer said:

    I like to see more old school games re-done . bored of first person shooter type games, military games,zombie games,open world same CRAP games.

    February 14, 2018
    • gareth said:

      I think the issue is that all the remakes can be seen of stagnation. Nintendo is taking heat for having the majority of Switch content being remastered and reissues. I think there is room for a good mix. The Zombie thing has been overdone but there have been some good shooters of late.

      February 14, 2018

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