Killmonger Arrives In Marvel: Contest Of Champions

Loved the movie and cannot wait to play him in the game.

In the lead-up to the upcoming Black Panther movie, Kabam announced today that Killmonger (inspired by Black Panther) has entered The Contest in Marvel: Contest of Champions! Details on Killmonger’s background is below:


Erik Stevens’ ruthlessness and combat skill earned him the nickname “Killmonger” during his time as a black-ops soldier. While he has not set foot in Wakanda for a long time, he has returned with a plan that threatens to put Black Panther and all of Wakanda at risk. Using his charisma, combat prowess and his knowledge of Wakandan customs, Erik Killmonger is an imminent threat to all that T’Challa holds dear.

In addition, Kabam has partnered with Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger) for an exclusive in-game event – Michael B. Jordan’s Challenge where players must defeat Michael’s curated team of champions for in-game rewards. Michael also posted a photo of himself and a Killmonger cutout from Marvel: Contest of Champions, which you can find here: