Rival 600: By SteelSeries

As someone who has covered gaming, tech, and entertainment conventions for many years, I am used to some of the puffery that comes along with meetings to get a look at new products and shows. It is the job of a P.R. person to make their client or product look as good as it can and build excitement in the media so naturally you expect this to come with your coverage.

When we first saw the Rival 600 mouse at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, this impressive piece of hardware did not need any of the usual claims of being “revolutionary”, “Innovative”, or a “game changer”. Instead the mouse spoke for itself and was very impressive. Flash forward a few weeks and I have been putting the mouse through its paces and I have come away very impressed.

The mouse is designed for right handed gamers and features a very sleek look with 7 buttons. I found it interesting that the side buttons were on the left side only but since I do not use buttons on the left side, this was more than ok with my gaming needs.

The Rival 600 features a detachable cable which does not drag on the surface allowing a greater range of freedom when you play. The unit also has two sensors which gives the Rival 600 exacting precision, even when you lift away from the surface during gaming.

The switches are rated for 60 million clicks and with the SteelSeries Engine, you can program a wide range of custom light sequences for your gaming needs.

Naturally the Rival 600 was designed with eSports in mind and as such, you can easily remove the two side panels to the mouse and add up to 64G of weight to find the perfect weight and balance for your gaming needs. I played it without any to start and found I had far too much movement. In Call of Duty: WW2 I found I was pulling to the side so I opted to go all in and loaded it up. This was not ideal for me either as I was slower in my response time than I wanted to be. I opted to go with two on each side and spread them out and this has resulted in a winning formula for me.

I have played Grand Theft Auto Online, Hunt: Showdown, Earthfall, and several other games as well as my day to day desktop applications and it has run perfectly.

Players can also save their settings and get several other features in the SteelSeries engine which is a great feature as well to go with the True Move technology which the company is known for as it provides an ideal gaming experience.

With a price under $80.00 the Rival 600 is a versatile and solid mouse which will handle your needs from hardcore and competitive gaming to casual gaming and desktop needs with ease. The sleek look and comfortable grip makes it a very attractive unit and a perfect complement to your gaming system.

5 stars out of 5

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