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Online Casino Games Take Over Twitch and Live Streaming


Live streaming site Twitch.tv hosts a growing number of iGamer channels.


Call it the perfect storm. Two of the internet’s hottest sectors merging together to form a mega-movement. The popularity and reach of each bolstered by the other.

That is what’s happening right now as iGaming or online gambling meets user-driven live streaming. Twitch.tv, the predominant online live-streaming service of video gamers, has also established itself as the chosen platform for iGamers.

The premise of iGamers live streaming their online casino experience is simple; a player fires up their Twitch channel, pulls up their favorite site such as 888 Casino games and viewers log in to catch the action.

The Humble Beginnings of iGaming

The roots of iGaming can be traced all the way back to 1994 when the first online casino opened. The growth of the business was fast, even during the early years. There were only 15 online casino websites in 1996, which expanded to 200 just a year later. By 2001, an estimated 8 million people had tried their hand at gambling online.

The revenue generated by iGaming over the years also reflects the huge surge in popularity. Worldwide, iGaming brought in $21 billion in 2008, a figure that is expected to reach a staggering $56 billion in 2018.

The early online gambling websites focused on a few virtual versions of casino classics, such as blackjack, poker, keno, and a limited number of slots. As more people began playing games at online casinos, the website operators quickly adapted by offering more types of games with improved technology and interactive player features.

Soon progressive jackpots, themed slots and table games and multiplayer games were introduced. Live sports betting entered the iGaming universe in 2002. Suddenly, online casinos could offer a range of games and betting opportunities on par with the enormous land-based casinos found in Las Vegas or Macau.

Today, we enjoy a seemingly endless supply of exciting casino games online. From live-dealer table games to highly interactive slots, the experience of playing and winning is nearly the same between online casinos and land-based casinos.

The Revolution Will be Twitch-itized

The top live-streaming website Twitch.tv launched in 2011 and quickly became a hot internet destination for video gamers. Gamers flocked to the Twitch platform to establish channels, find an audience of subscribers and make money. Subsequently, the video game live-streaming phenomenon that is eSports has exploded in recent years. Twitch averages 100 million unique visitors per month. Gamers with the most subscribers have turned pro, raking in thousands of dollars per month from their channels and sponsorships.

More recently, Twitch expanded its hardcore gamer user base to include online casino players, with the DIY streaming service making deliberate strides to embrace the iGaming revolution. The result is potentially millions of new members tuning into Twitch to broadcast live casino action themselves or view other players.


A Twitch iGame streamer wins back-to-back online poker tournaments on his channel.

Gambling is all about winning, and the exposure offered by Twitch creates winners all around. The opportunity is huge for experienced players, prospective players, fans and the online casino industry itself.

Streaming players and viewers alike love the sense of community created by Twitch as people gather together to discuss the real-time casino action. Inexperienced players can get up close and personal with seasoned streamers to learn strategies and tips for their favorite games.

Imagine that you’re an online casino newbie. Maybe you are! At your disposal is a selection of dozens or even hundreds of channels live streamed by top-tier players. Pick a channel and instantly, you’re tableside or watching over the shoulder as wizard players unlock their secrets right in front of you. You can chat with other channel viewers in real-time as you make friends, root each other on and trade iGaming insights.

As an online casino player, watching others play different games also allows you to take “test drives” of discovering games you may enjoy playing without risking your own money up front.

And Twitch brings this amazing connectedness to the iGaming universe 24-7-365.

The Faces Driving the Trend

Like any emerging sport or advance in social media, there are breakout stars among the legion of iGaming live streamers. Well-established online casino streamers on Twitch like nickslots, casinodaddy and letsgiveitaspin command hundreds of thousands of channel views and far-reaching influence.

Successful streamers monetize their Twitch channels in several different ways. The site pays a share of ad revenue to streamers, around $3.50 per 1,000 ad views, and streamers earn monthly income from their channel subscribers. Additionally, streamers may accept donations from viewers.


Twitch dominates online live video streaming traffic by volume with a 43.6 percent market share.


After all, if you’re watching a particularly entertaining or educational iGaming channel on Twitch, why not leave a tip in appreciation?


There are also sponsorships from online casinos who pay to have their games featured on specific channels.

Photo by @casinodaddy/Instagram


Casinodaddy is a top-viewed Twitch iGamer.

Where do we go from here?

Every indication points to the live streaming of online casino games becoming even more prevalent in the future. Expect an increased amount of iGamers among Twitch’s user base as the site continues to solidify a strong casino-friendly audience.

Among the online casino ranks, early adopters have realized the massive opportunity potential and player reach of Twitch. Promotional game placement and paid user reviews will become more commonplace on top iGaming channels.

The audience and the economics add up all the way around for online casinos, players and live-streaming services. And while we may still be in the honeymoon phase, a long and prosperous union appears to be in the cards for iGamer exhibitionists and their loyal fans. It can only get better!


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