Call Of Duty: WW2 Resistance DLC

The first of four planned DLC packs for Call of Duty: WW2 has arrived for PC and Xbox One owners after being available for PS4 owners for a month.

The Resistance keeps the usual theme of four new maps and a new episode for the Zombie series but this time does it with a bit of a twist.

Usually players see the name of the DLC in the Multiplayer menu and once selected; players can see the various modes available to play the new maps in.

Resistance does away with this and puts the content in the “Featured” area where players have to play either standard or Hardcore Mosh pits and experience the maps in a rotating selection of game modes vs picking a mode.

The three maps available are


Based in Prague; this is a detailed map with a river, central bridge and lots of terrain to cover. Snipers will love the central area but those who want to run and gun can have some luck if they make sure to duck in and out of buildings.


This is a remastered map set in Paris where multiple levels, side streets, shops, and vehicle littered streets allow for some great mid to close range combat. This is a fast-paced map where you can set an ambush, sneak up on enemies, or squad up to take the streets.


If you like a nice run and gun mode based in bunkers; this is the mode for you. Inspired by the Eastern Front headquarters; this is a fast action map ideal for players of all styles.

The fourth map is only available in War mode and is Operation Intercept. Set in France, players need to set up communications, stop a train, and other team based missions.

The new Zombie mode is The Darkest Shore and pits the four heroes on a remote island where the Undead come fast and often. The map mixes bunkers, beaches, and emplacements with the usual weapon, armor, and power up stations and gameplay players got to expect in the original mission.


This time a think and concealing fog will roll in frequently which adds a new danger as you must fight the unending hordes with limited visibility.

Resistance provides more WW2 action for gamers and while it does not radically change the online portion of the game, it does offer some new wrinkles for fans to enjoy and should keep fans happy until the next DLC arrives.

3.5 stars out of 5