Love, Simon

Meet Simon, just your average teenage boy who loves to hang out with his best friends and spend time with his family. His life is seemingly perfect, except he has a secret. Simon (Nick Robinson) is gay. With news of a closeted gay kid at school, who only is known as Blue; Simon starts to venture out of his secret. However, as John Hughes taught us in the 1980’s it’s not easy being a teenager. As Simon tries to navigate this new friendship with Blue, he begins to affect the lives of his best friends Leah (Katherine Langford), Nick (Keiynan Lonsdale), and Abby (Alexandra Shipp) just to keep his secret safe. Even his mom (Jennifer Gardiner) and dad (Josh Duhamel) begin to realize something is up. So, the question is if his secret gets out how will he handle it?

Love, Simon is the coming of age story 2018 needed. Modern coming of age films lack critical aspects of the teenage condition; being selfish and having massive amounts of teen angst. That is what was special about the 1980’s classics Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, they showed how teenagers actually felt.

Love, Simon also bring an LGBT love story into a heavily saturated heteronormative genre. Now for those who say, well why is this important? It’s important because representation in film matters. Being able to see yourself in a character on the big screen can mean so much.

Originally, going into this film I was a bit skeptical; as the film has been heavily advertised on all social media platforms. So, I began to worry if the hype would live up to the actual film. I was glad to be proven quite the opposite; as I ended up completely falling in love with this film. The wit shown in the script, and the delivery made by the actors was incredible. Watching this film was a breath of fresh air; as most coming of age films follow very formulated clichés and while this had some it used them in completely different ways. I would say more on this matter but truly you have to see it to experience it. Even the soundtrack exuded the teenage experience; completely complementing it from beginning to end.

Love, Simon is a film that shows being yourself is a freeing experience and it is definitely a film I will be buying once it hits Blu Ray. This film is for anyone who loved those coming of age movies from the 1980’s and anyone who loves a good love story.