Freedy And Jason Arrive At Think Geek

Think Geek has long been known as the ultimate place for fans and collectors to find all of their Pop Culture needs in one place. The company has a huge amount of quality and affordable gear from clothing to electronics as well as jewelry and collectibles. Merchandise from popular franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien as well as many comic and video game franchises are available and the list of impressive items grows day by day.

Recently we got a chance to look at two of their hottest new items from the company and that is a lineup of 8-Bit characters from Funko. The two that I covered are Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees which are colorful, highly detailed, and durable as well as faithful to the source materials.

Fans of the original Nintendo system will remember the blue Jason from the Friday the 13th game which at the time was derided by critics but has become a beloved cult game in recent years to the point where this interpretation of the character is being used in the updated Friday the 13th game.

Freddy is also a great blast of nostalgia as his Razer Glove is ready to go and takes me back to the days when playing Freddy on the Nintendo was a great way to enjoy the character between theatrical installments of the film series and VHS watching of the older titles in the series.

Figures are not all that Think Geek sent to check out as I have really enjoyed the Starcraft themed Protoss Pylon which allows me to connect and charge my electronics in style while I work. Of course sitting at your desk will lead to a desire to snack, and Think Geek has you covered with some amazing snack bowls for Star Wars fans. I chose the Wampa and Jabba bowls which are detailed and solid with vibrant colors to enhance your desk. They are ideal for nuts, seeds, and any snack you desire and they make selecting a healthy portion easy.

We look forward to what is coming next from the company so please make sure to visit for more.