Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Additional Interview

Billy Brouws added to our Wondercon 2018 coverage with a great follow up Q&A with some of the cast of Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.

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Suicide Squad

Liam Mclntyre-

Q- What part surprised you the most about this project, SS.

LM- I found it amazing the chemisrty the characters had in the film, despite the fact that none of us met during the voice work of the film.

Q-When it came to your character (Captain Boomerang) how did you prepare for the role.

LM- Well considering that I’m already Australian, and I had to go and punch the first kankaroo that I saw. I didn’t expect him to punch pack.

Q- What was your absolute favorite part of voicing a character?

LM- It was just amazing to see a character that you cant actually see come to life in this sort of way. To adjust your voice and finally see how the artist has brought them to life.

Phil Bourasso (Character Artist)

Q-What was your experience like when working on SS? Would you do it again? Would you do it defierently?

PB- Villains, and that is definetly what they are no question about it. Anti heroes at best, but villains have much more creative freedom to them, more color, and heroes just fit into this cookie cutter style, and hero can only look a certain way. But I loved the work that I did for Copperhead as this is his first time making an appearance on screen (in a movie)

Julie Nathanson (Silver Banshe)

She cuts in during Phil B.’s answer- Especially the work that you did on silver banshe as I dont think she has quite looked like this. She doesnt look radiacally different, but she definitly has her own flavor in this movie.

Q-I’ve heard that Harley Quinn is having yet another costume change. How would you describe that or what went into her new look?

PB-Harley Quinn pretty much needs a new look whenever she can, and it is to be expected at this point in the DC world. Now her costume pretty much has to be a certain way, but it needed to have a look that could better match the rest of the team, and still (shrugs and hesitates a bit) needs to have that Harley Quinn sex appeal.

Q-Will we be seeing more of your work in the future with DC?

PB- Oh yes! Anything DC wants me to do I will pretty much be on the wagon before the conversation is over!