Snakebyte: Twin Charge 4

As anyone who plays games on a console will tell you, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting down for a nice gaming session and finding your chargers are in need of charging. Sure you can plug in a cable and play but part of the appeal is being able to be wireless and not tethered to the system. Combine this with a second gamer wanting to play and you can see how your gaming session has now become a waiting session.

Enter Snakebyte with the Twin: Charge 4 charger which is available for the PS4 and Xbox One controllers. I had mine hooked up in seconds as the cable attaches directly to the USB port on our PS4 systems as well as via the wall outlet with our own adapter.

The unit fit the two controllers easily including one that was an Evil Controller Shift and it fit well. The system has two charging lights which glowed a bright blue color when the units were charged. It seemed to charge must faster than I expected it to take and had my controllers ready to go in no time. While I was playing, I had the unit charge up my other controllers and again, no issues as it charged them fast and thoroughly.

The black color and sleek look fits well with the color scheme and design of the PS4 and I was impressed with how little space it required.

When you factor in that the unit can be found online for under $17.00 you can see what a value it is. It is rare that you get a stylish, durable, and effective unit at such an affordable price but that is exactly what we found this to be and as such; we could not recommend it more.



You can learn more about the unit and other Snakebyte products here.