Take The Westworld Delos Test

With Season 2 coming this weekend you can take a test and see if you have what it takes to work at Delos

Are you dying to be a part of the team that runs the unsettling theme park in HBO’s Westworld, your wait is over!!

HBO’s Season 2 of Westworld is right around the corner, and as recently announced at SXSW, fans of the fiction will soon be able to be a part of running the twisted AI theme park all from their smartphone!

Building anticipation into the launch of both the next season and the interactive mobile game experience, fans can dive deeper into living out their Westworld fantasies NOW by checking out and applying for a job at Delos as well as actually participate in a job placement test, giving them intel into which role their personality would be best suited for!


~ Westworld fans can now find their true calling by taking the Delos Placement Test: https://deloscareers.com/placement

~ Each position was developed from the lens of Delos recruiters, with deep understanding for each role and which personality type fits best.

~ 20 questions – with additional tie-breakers as needed – formulated specifically to match you with the best role for you.

~ 8 roles: Narrative Technician, Design Technician, Host Behavior, Host Assembly, Body Shop Technician, Security Response, Park Operations, Park Director.