Archangel: Hellfire Announced

I have really enjoyed this on the PSVR so it will be interesting to see what they have. I played the original game for the first time at SDCC and this looks great.




Unleash Massive Mech Mayhem with Substantial Update to the Award-Winning
Virtual Reality Game, Archangel; Early Access Begins May 25


SANTA MONICA, Calif. – April 23, 2018 – Skydance
Interactive, a division of Skydance Media, today revealed Archangel:
Hellfire, an action-packed multiplayer game update to the award-winning cinematic arcade
VR shooter Archangel. Archangel: Hellfire delivers intense off-rails VR warfare and explosive combat, adding two new game modes,
including a Cooperative Mode and by popular demand, a brand new Team Deathmatch
/ PvP mode, along with all-new maps and new classes of mechs. Archangel:
Hellfire will be available worldwide on June 28 for HTC Vive and Oculus

Archangel: Hellfire will be available as a free update for players who own Archangel.
For those new to the series and looking to enlist as mech pilots, Team
Deathmatch will be available for free to all for a limited time, and will
include the new mechs, abilities and PvP maps. Players who own the original
Archangel will also be able to hone their skills in Team Deathmatch four weeks ahead of
launch when Early Access Battle Training kicks off on May 25. To celebrate the
upcoming launch of Archangel:
Hellfire, the base game will soon be available to purchase at a discounted

“Archangel: Hellfire will deliver the most intense and immersive multiplayer mech combat that players
have ever experienced,” said Peter Akemann, President of Skydance Interactive.
“The team is working hard to bring the player-versus-player off-rails combat
that fans have been asking for, and really embody that fantasy of piloting a
giant building-sized mech. And with the free team PvP multiplayer experience,
all VR gamers will soon have a chance to hop into the cockpit and prove their

At the end of the 21st century, the world is in ruins as a consequence of a deadly
ecological disaster. Countries are now under the control of HUMNX, a tyrannical
corporation born out of a desire to “heal the world,” no matter the human cost.
Leading the opposition are the United States Free Forces, who are waging a war
of resistance against HUMNX to try and take back their freedom. Armed with an
experimental weapon, The Archangel, the resistance has landed a serious blow on
HUMNX, but the war is just beginning. HUMNX resources are plentiful, and while
they may have lost a decisive battle, they have been working on weapons of their
own to face off against Archangel-class mechs.

Archangel: Hellfire introduces
the new Team Deathmatch mode, in which players and their squad will pilot
six-story high war machines and engage in an all-out 2v2 PvP battle for the
control of a post-apocalyptic world, aligning with either the United States Free
Forces or HUMNX corporation. In addition, players can jump into Archangel:
Hellfire’s Cooperative Mode, and face off against a horde of enemies in solo or co-op

The game adds four new maps to face off in brutal post-apocalyptic battlegrounds
with highly destructible features, six new warrior mechs and three distinct
classes, each with their own powerful abilities and custom weapon systems, and
all-new fully functional cockpit controls.

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