Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

The trend in war based shooters of late is to literally take a blast from the past. Battlefield 1 looked at WW1 and Call of Duty returned to its WWII roots for the most recent game in the series. As such when Rising Storm 2: Vietnam was announced, it seemed like a good progression and one that holds a lot of potential for gamers. The previous game in the series focused on the Pacific Rim conflicts and focused on the conflict with Japan.

This time out the focus is Vietnam and players can opt to fight for either the Vietnamese or U.S. forces and they will also be able to select a class and loadout unique to each side before entering the fray.

The matches I took part in showed off the large and detailed maps which provided plenty of options to flank and enemy or attack from cover. Fields, towns, temples, and more were all an option and I had intense battles in a multi-level building, trenches, fields, and in a town. The weapons were varied but I opted mainly for an M-16 or AK-47 depending on which side I was assigned to. I did have a great opportunity early in the match to ride on a Helicopter and took my position manning one of the machine guns, which allowed us to strafe enemy targets as we traveled.

Our focus was a mix of taking and securing an objective and of course eliminating as many enemies as I could. Using a mix of grenades and rifle shots I was able to dispatch a few enemies but you could tell that there were some seasoned players online who used to the map to their advantage and were masters at striking without being seen.

I also experienced some people who were more than happy to call in a Napalm strike without any concern to the number of friendly troops in the target area. Naturally as you progress you will rank up and have more options for your character and loadouts.

The graphics of the game were solid but did seem a bit dated compared to other shooters. But this does a great job of giving a rough and battle-worn look to the game and not trying to make a blasted and remote area looked like an over-polished presentation.

If you are a fan of team-based online shooters and want some great action in the Vietnam setting; then Rising Storm 2: Vietnam just might be the game for you.

3.5 stars out of 5