LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined: Lifts Off

The music was a big part of the games so looking forward to this.


SEATTLE – May 4, 2018Materia Collective is pleased to present LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined, a collection of remixes from StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War spread across three unique EPs. The album explores music from the hit franchise in new and eclectic ways. RUSH features high-enerrgy Zerg remixes, VOID includes organic and acoustic Protoss remixes, and NUKE sports retro, groove-oriented Terran remixes. As a whole, the album explores every genre from EDM and metal, to orchestral and choral, to funk and hip-hop, delivering a fresh perspective on the classics fans know and love. LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined is fully licensed and available now:
“The StarCraft franchise has pushed the boundaries of the RTS genre, while also redefining the multiplayer experience,” explains LAUNCH producers Emmanuel Lagumbay and Jordan Chin. “We remember late night LAN parties, a seemingly endless trove of user-generated maps, and the dedicated fanbase who experienced it all with us. Twenty years later, we knew that we needed to do something special to commemorate the series, as well as relive some of those iconic moments from the game. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to create this album with so many passionate artists who share our love for the series.”
LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined is about more than celebrating the music of StarCraft. It’s about defying expectations and showcasing the evolution of the StarCraft fanbase. Each of the three EPs offers something unique and unexpected. On the RUSH EP, “Multiply and Decimate” by Lazerwolph pushes the sinister “Zerg 3” into new territory, resulting in a heavy hybrid track. On the VOID EP, “The Fifty Fingered Archon” by Lee Neikirk brings a new level of sophistication to “Main Title.” On the NUKE EP, “The Terran Doctor” by Tournament Arc reimagines “Terran 3” as a funky-fresh, dance-inducing disco track that will guarantee a good time.
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