Deep Blue Sea 2

Back in 1999 I fondly remember covering “Deep Blue Sea”. The press screening was a pleasant surprise as the film presented a fresh take on the shark on the loose genre and gave what was one of the more enjoyable films in the genre since “Jaws 2”.

I had always wondered why the film had never generated a sequel and talk of a direct to DVD follow up a few years later never materialized.

Now in 2018, we finally get the long-awaited follow up as “Deep Blue Seas 2” has arrived as a direct to DVD from Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

I eagerly awaited the arrival of my review copy as not only do I enjoy Shark movies, but my son is very big on the study of sharks and his insights always add a new dimension to me as he can tell me things like the difference between the species being portrayed, number of offspring they have, and their behavior.

The story centers on Dr. Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre), who is tasked to give her professional opinions to a facility headed by billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach). At an underwater lab in South Africa, Dr. Calhoun arrives with a team and learns that the group is experimenting on Bull Sharks with a method that will increase brain abilities in humans.

Naturally things do not go as planned and before long, there are several very angry and genetically enhanced sharks on the loose with the humans desperately trying to find a way to escape and survive.

The story and characters are not overly complex but the goal is clearly to get the cast into the path of the CGI sharks as soon as possible and letting the carnage begin.

I had expected visuals on par with the SYFY films due to the direct to video nature of the film but what we were given was much better than expected.

The CGI effects are quite good and the cinema photography of the film is quite good as there are many really impressive shots in the film of the aquatic setting.

The film is hampered by the thin plot and characters and a lack of star power but it is worth a watch and is certainly better quality than many of the other creature on the loose films out there.

Review based on a review copy provided to us by Warner Bros.