Show Dogs

Will Arnet stars as FBI agent Frank who takes up a partnership with a
Rottweiler named Max (voiced by Ludacris), To his chagrin, Frank is
assigned to crack a case with Max. Both are forced to go undercover in the
world’s most prestigious dog show competition to find out who is
responsible for kidnapping pandas and selling them for millions.

After finding out that the winner of the dog show would be kidnapped by
the same criminals involved in the panda trafficking, Max must do
everything possible to win 1st place and lead them to the same facility
housing the stolen pandas.

Director Raja Gosnell is no stranger to talking dog movies, with such
popular family favorite comedies under his belt like “Beverly Hills
Chihuahua,” and “Scooby-Doo.” He delivers a fun movie with just the right
amount of crude humor, human/dog antics, ghetto-esque quips, as well as
hilarious slapstick one liner moments. For those that enjoy dog-human
buddy cop movies, you’ll have a great time watching Show Dogs.


4 stars out of 5