3D Rudder Announces Xbox Adaptative Controller Support

We saw this at CES and it was a solid unit and Michael enjoyed the one he was sent for review.

This is great news as well for those gamers who need assistance gaming. The report is below.

3dRudder foot controller gets native support for the Xbox Adaptative Controller

May 21, 2018 | New-York, NY & Aix-en-Provence, France

The 3dRudder foot controller, already a proven accessible gaming peripheral, will be
natively supported by the new Xbox Adaptative Controller to make gaming accessible
to the greater number of people with limited mobility.

The Xbox Adaptative Controller is compatible with a wide variety of external
peripherals which can be used simultaneously to fit the needs of many gamers.
Solomon Romney, a Microsoft Stores retail learning specialist in Salt Lake City,
Utah, who’s been gaming with the Xbox adaptative controller for months explains:

I can make the controls fit my body, my desires, and I can change them anytime I want.
If I want to play a game entirely with my feet, I can.”

The 3dRudder foot controller finds itself logically involved in this new set up.
People who lost the ability to use their hands or who suffer from hand impairment
become naturally inclined to use their feet for gaming. Thanks to the Xbox
Adaptative Controller, the 3dRudder foot controller works natively, with gamers
using their feet to move in their favorite games -or for any other controls.

How will it work?
Playing with the 3dRudder will be done really easily thanks to the USB port at the
back side of the Xbox Adaptative Controller. Once plugged in, the 3dRudder will be
automatically recognized as a foot joystick, taking the functionality of a given
thumb stick -or even of both thumb sticks- in a traditional controller, and ready to
configure. It could also be used for other actions—entirely the choice of the gamer.

Gaming accessibility: a priority for the 3dRudder foot controller

The 3dRudder is a foot controller that is a naturally very convenient accessible
peripheral for people with limited mobility. When used as a PC peripheral, it can be
alternatively a keyboard (ex. WASD), a full mouse (including scroll, click double
click…), a joystick or an Hotas. It also lets users with limited mobility enjoy
moving in Virtual Reality with their feet.

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