NITE Team 4 Early Look And Video

Earlier this week I had the amazing opportunity to experience a LIVE demo of the exciting upcoming game NITE Team 4, developed by Alice & Smith. NITE (Network Intelligence and Technical Evaluation) is a hacking game simulation with Alternate Reality Game elements connected to The Black Watchmen universe. Players use system commands and tools based on real world tools to conduct their covert operations.

Andrea Doyon the Creative Director and Producer of the game was nice enough to be my wingman and introduced me to the game interface and walked me through various hacking tools available to me on my mission.

The mission I chose to accept was hacking into a reporter’s cell phone so that I could turn the microphone on without her knowledge. It required the use of various hacking tools to access her employee ID, the license plate of the van that her and her cameraman would be driving, and ultimately the use of smart billboards to obtain her WI-FI address. Once I was able to narrow down the signal to her specific phone I was able to gain access and turn the microphone on…mission accomplished!

Andrea explained how the tools here mimic real-world tools that are available to hackers around the world. They use these tools to gain access to not only company resources, but personal resources as well. In the short time I played the demo, I came to the realization of just how all the devices that we use for convenience leave us open to potential cyber-attacks. The Amazon Echo you have in your kitchen, or the camera you use to monitor your baby, can ultimately be compromised and used to gain valuable information about you, your family, your employer…anyone.

Please join us as we take a first look at NITE Team 4…

The live demo/playthrough video is available here:


The game is still in early Beta, with lots of additional features still to come. I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product once it’s available. This game will absolutely appeal to not only those who wish to become hackers themselves, but to anyone who is looking for a deep, feature-rich, game of cloak and dagger in this digital age. I encourage you to check the game out at: