Antlion Audio XLR Power Converter Gives Pro Quality At An Affordable Price

The extremely popular ModMic 5 by Antlion Audio offered an impressive array of recording options for users looking to customize a high-quality audio recording experience to their specifications. The company has now released the Audio XLR Power Converter which allows users to combine their ModMic with mixers, audio interfaces, and other 48v, 3-pin XLR power sources. The compact and convenient device also offers a proximity compensator which allows a more natural capture of vocals for boom microphone users.

Let’s companies claim to have superior sound capacity but the great thing about the system is that it uses a built-in proximity compensator which recognizes how voice changes based on the distance from the microphone to the source of the audio so for people in a streaming and broadcasting capacity; this is a great way to have a more naturalized sound. When is nearest the Mike it is naturally going sound different that is further away. As such; the built-in compensator accurately captures this to give a more diverse and realistic sound to the listener.

One of the great things is that combined with the ModMic 5, there is a significant decrease in the bowl and weight that would normally be associated with an XLR microphone.
This results in a greater range of freedom for the user without any decrease in quality. Imagine being able to have the professional sound quality of the studio while on the go with a laptop. As somebody who has worked with a radio show for many years and had done a community show for several years prior; recording of live events is often a real challenge. Set up aside; getting the audio quality down with so much ambient noise around you can often be a real task. This makes going to certain events such as conventions very difficult unless you have set up a broadcasting location ahead of time. Imagine being able to broadcast and conduct interviews with professional sound quality over nothing more than a laptop. Now imagine that you can conduct these recordings anywhere from the Green Room to the panel floor and you have a better idea of the versatility that this device offers you.

At $24.95 you will find the converter to be affordably priced and well worth the investment for those looking to take their ModMic 5 to a new level of performance by increasing their options without sacrificing any of the benefits.