Saying Farewell To The Gamestop Expo

After reports that Gamestop was looking to find a buyer for their company in the face of changing consumer patterns and economics; it was bittersweet to learn that the company is also halting their Gamestop Expo. While certainly not as large or impactful as E3, Gamescom, PAX, and some of the other major gaming conventions, the show has been growing in recent years and has provided a unique and enjoyable experience.

While many of the other shows focus on announcements, first looks, and making headlines; The Gamestop Expo was focused on giving consumers an opportunity to see and play many of the games that would soon be available at retail outlets. Naturally the objective was to get people excited about games so they would either pre-order or purchase titles that they saw but for people unable to go to the larger conventions it was a very worthwhile experience.

From Las Vegas to Anaheim we had assigned staff to cover the recent shows which I found were a fantastic supplement to our coverage from E3 and PAX West.

On a statement on their website, Gamestop says that they wish to devote the time that was dedicated to the convention on additional training time for their Store Leaders. They do not rule out a return as they have indicated if and when they should host another show; they will make sure to inform their fans at the first possible opportunity.

While sad this does actually make sense as with the goal of finding a new buyer for the company being a top concern it does make sense that time and resources that would otherwise be allocated to the convention would be conserved or redirected in an effort to improve the company’s bottom line and to make them more attractive to a potential buyer.

It will be very interesting to note that should the company be sold sooner rather than later, and should the bottom line improve thereafter; one would have to wonder if the show will be gone for good or if it might return sooner rather than later. Essentially are they taking a year or two off to shore things up on the retail side of things?

Regardless of which way they go, any time a gaming Expo closes stores it can be a loss for the gaming community as a whole and hopefully they Gamestop Expo will return in the not-too-distant future.