Plantronics Rig 500 Pro

Plantronics has released the Rig 500 Pro gaming headset and it is as versatile as it is effective for gamers. The system is highly adjustable as the flexible headband allows users to place the cups at any height levels they desire, even offset.

The unit works with the PS4, PC, and Xbox One systems so for $89.99 it is a great value for those looking for a headset that will work well with their various systems without breaking the bank.

The audio quality is solid as the Rig 500 Pro features 50 MM drivers offering high-resolution audio, noise isolation, low distortion, Dolby Atmos, removable microphone, and replaceable ear cups.
Naturally the truth is in the play and the unit not only looks good, but has a very comfortable fit which is ideal for those looking for an extended gameplay session.

The controls are also inline which allows for a fast and easy adjustment as there is nothing worse than being in the midst of the action when the noise levels need to be lowered but you do not want to take your hands off the controls.

The wired unit offers a solid performance for the price and will keep fans looking for a gaming headset that offers great performance for the price.