Screen Bar E-Reader: BenQ

It is said that seeing is believing and few statements could as accurately sum up the new Screen Bar e-Reader from BenQ.

The LED Desk Lamp features and auto dimmer as well as an adjustable Hue and is powered via USB Connection. The stylish black fixture rests on top of your monitor and provides a wide and adjustable field of light which makes it ideal for those who wish to work in the dark yet need some illumination for their desk area.

For those worried about screen glare, the lamp has zero reflective glare which is ideal for those who need to look between a workspace and screen.

I could see this being a huge advantage for students who are working late on an assignment. Not wanting to bother their roommate, they can keep the room lights off and yet light up the area in front of their screen so they can look at their notes, textbook, and such without having to flood a room in light or squint in the dark.

The unit also features an ambient light sensor which adjusts the lighting levels. There is also an adjustable color temperature which allows users to select a light setting which is best for their situation. Warm light helps replenish energy and a cool light is best for increasing concentration.

The flexibility and ease of setup and use of the product really gives a new dimension of work options for students, late nights at the office, and those who need to or prefer to work in a natural light setting.

For a company best known for their outstanding monitors, BenQ has once again provided a practical new device for productivity.