Escape Plan 2: HADES

Following up “Escape Plan”; Lionsgate and Sylvester Stallone have teamed up for “Escape Plan 2: Hades”. This time around Dave Bautista is teamed with Stallone as security expert Ray Breslin (Stallone), is trying to find a locale known as “HADES” where one of his top operatives Shu Ren (Xiaoming Huang), has become an inmate.

Life in the high-tech Hades is harsh as inmates are matches up to fight one another and the place appears to be escape proof.

In a race against time, Breslin must find out all he can about HADES and find a way into the prison in order to break out with his man before it is too late.

The film has good production values for a home video release. It may not have the grand scope of the previous film but it does have enough elements to entertain. I would have liked a bit more screen time for Bautista and Stallone but with a third film already reportedly shot, it would be great to see where the series goes next.

For now, the film despite some flaws is entertaining enough for fans of the original and does make for some decent viewing at home as long as you set reasonable expectations.

2.5 stars out of 5.