JURASSIC PARK: The Chaos Gene Comes To SDCC

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Greetings! Please see below for the press release announcing Mondo’s newest board

game – JURASSIC PARK: THE CHAOS GENE. The game’s box top will be on display at

Mondo’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con (#435), and SDCC attendees will have the

opportunity to pick up one of four special Jurassic Park patches when visiting the

booth each day. JURASSIC PARK: THE CHAOS GENE images.



Celebrating 25 years of dinosaur chaos with the anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s

unequalled Jurassic Park, Mondo Games is excited to unveil their next board game,

“Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene.” As with the highly successful board game for The

Thing, movie fans and board game enthusiasts can expect exciting gameplay and

gorgeous artwork, featuring the immensely talented artist Matthew Woodson. The game

will be available online at MondoTees.com and in stores everywhere this Fall. The

box top will be on display at Mondo’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con (#435), and

attendees will have the opportunity to get a special Jurassic Park patch when

visiting the booth. If the great John Hammond taught us anything it would be to

never stop asking, “what if?”

What if we could clone an extinct species using

preserved genetic material? What if there existed a source of fossilized dinosaur

DNA buried deep below the earth’s surface? What if dinosaurs roamed the earth again?

Here at Mondo Games we asked ourselves these very same questions. Using

state-of-the-art tabletop technology our leading game scientist, Luke Byers, has

created the ultimate gaming adventure. “In our approach to “Jurassic Park: The Chaos

Gene”, we took many of our favorite elements of a traditional dungeon crawl style

board game and spliced them with one of our favorite films of all time. The goal was

to create something truly unique and incredibly fun to play” said Byers. Taking an

asymmetrical approach to the game’s playable characters and factions, “Jurassic

Park: The Chaos Gene” is a 2-4 player adventure of varying strategies, objectives,

and perspectives. Through a scenario-based system the game becomes a truly chaotic

mix of modern humans and prehistoric beasts. While exploration of the park is at the

core of each player’s motivation, the means by which separate factions achieve their

goals couldn’t be more different. Whether working in the field of science as the

head of InGen to maintain the stability of the park’s infrastructure or running

terrified as invited guests of John Hammond, the humans use their abilities,

specializations and resources to reach their objectives.

The quick, lethal and stealth-like Raptor faction proves that humans are not the only animals that utilize

their intellect and communication skills to solve the many movement challenges the

park presents. The fast, gigantic and formidable Tyrannosaurus Rex poses a constant

threat to all of the players.

Driven by her base instincts, her objectives are the most straight forward…

EAT! “With some of the most beautiful art in gaming today by the immensely talented Matthew Woodson, we hope this game ‘

…finds a way’ on tables of gamers and Jurassic Park fans alike for millions of years to come,” said


GAME DESCRIPTION “Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene” is a 2 to 4 player

asymmetrical miniatures board game, for age 14 and up. Choose your faction from the

following: InGen, Park Visitors, Raptors or the T. rex. Find items needed for your

faction, attack or avoid other dinosaurs, gain experience and customize your

faction. With several scenarios and modular environment tiles for players to

explore, each faction has unique objectives to complete in an effort to win the

game! FACTION DESCRIPTIONS Tyrannosaurus Rex: Instinct Objectives Quick, methodical,

and unstoppable best describe the T. rex faction. One thing she is not, though, is

quiet. The T. rex’s unrelenting drive makes her highly focused on satisfying her

natural instincts… at all costs. The T. rex can move twice as fast as the other

factions and can affect the movement of the other players with her fearsome roar,

all while completing her objectives. Raptors: Seek and Destroy Objectives The

Raptors are a cunning, resourceful, and flexible faction. Their stealth allows them

to move quickly and quietly. Unique from all other park dinosaurs, their

communication abilities enable them to work together in defending areas in their

control, triangulate attacks on humans and park animals, and discover weaknesses in

the park’s defenses. Park Visitors: Survival Objectives Park Visitors are both in

awe of the park and terrified by its destructive nature. Visitors are able to

extract the resources they find and use them to complete objective requirements or

activate more powerful faction abilities.

Highly skilled in their respective fields, each character brings a unique ability to the group as they make their way through the park and accomplish objectives.

Ingen: Park Management Objectives With systems crashing throughout the park, InGen is desperate to keep it functioning. Somewhat blind to the park’s status,

their intimate knowledge of it makes them both helpful and dangerous to dinosaurs and humans alike. A successful InGen player must

carefully manage resources and use their unique abilities to help shape the

movements of other players.

To sign up for updates on the game, visit the

official site – TheChaosGene.com Visit the Mondo official site & social handles for

more information: MondoTees.com Twitter.com/MondoNews Facebook.com/MondoTees



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