Talking Star Trek And Mad Genius With Actor Faran Tahir

Recently I spoke with Faran Tahir about his new film Mad Genius. Faran was kind enough to talk about his career,

his time on “Star Trek” and his possible return to the franchise.


Having portrayed protagonists and antagonists in films across many

genres, do you find it easier to portray one more than the other?


I take each challenge as it comes. Both have challenges and rewards. The biggest

challenge is how to humanize the character regardless


When it comes to roles in major motion pictures, is there a particular

genre you prefer over others?


I just love good stories. I don’t prefer one genre over another.


Is there a particular film or television series that holds a special

significance to you and would you want to appear in it if it were remade


Maybe my time to play KOJAK!!!! LOLLL!!!!


Considering how passionate the fans of the Star Trek franchise are?

What is it like having had a role in that universe?


Honestly, I am a bit of a Trekkie myself so it brought out the ten your old boy in me.


Have you ever had a desire to step out of the role of being and actor

and either write, direct, or produce a movie or television show?


Yes. Actually I am writing something right now which I hope to direct one day.


Is the something specific that motivates you or drives you an actor?


It is a great gift to be able to walk in someone shoes. It creates empathy,

sensitivity and connection when you can share a story.


Do you see yourself always being an actor or do you see yourself

following other pursuits in the future?


Arts will always be centerpiece of my life but if I can be of help and assistance in

causes that help others then I will always be there for that.


Is there a particular actor/actress or director you would very much like

to collaborate with in the future with whom you have not worked with yet?


I have been very fortunate to have worked with and for some amazing people. I hope

that I can continue to do that.


If, through your acting career, you could inspire someone or everyone

to do one thing what would that be?


Let’s remember that we can celebrate our differences but let’s also never

forget that it is our humanity that binds us.


Has there ever been a role in your career that you wish you had never



I don’t accept roles that make it difficult for me to face myself in the mirror.


Do you prefer working in the studio or on location more than the



  1. Whatever is best for the project.


Summing it up this far, what has the highest point of your career

been to you personally?


I just keep trying to build a body of work. I try not to look at it as peaks and



There are rumors the new Star Trek film may do some time jumping and involve

the Kelvin crew. Any chance you may be back on the Bridge?


From your lips to God’s ears.