Celebrate Shark Week With Inside Jaws, The Definitive Series

This Sunday marks Shark Week’s historic 30th anniversary. What better way to get
excited for the event than with the podcast Inside Jaws, the definitive series on
the iconic movie that captured our awe and admiration for the prehistoric predator.

In this revealing series from smash tastemaker Wondery<https://www.wondery.com>,
Inside Jaws navigates uncharted waters to unearth groundbreaking details on the pop
culture hit Jaws and its illustrious director – like Steven Spielberg using celery
to ease his crippling nightmares, his mother’s comforting letter and stuntmen
evading death. Through the lens of the original blockbuster, Inside Jaws
exhaustively pieces together the Orca’s fragmented chunks to distill the defining
piece on the molding of both the movie and Spielberg.

You can find out more here