Tempest 4000

Back in the 80s when the arcade was king; Tempest was one of the more popular arcade games of the era. Anyone who turned their allowance or paychecks into quarters remembers the furious spinning and shooting combinations of the classic Atari game.

Tempest 4000 is the latest version of the classic game which blends new and retro graphics to

Create an updated version of the game. Playing the classic Claw, players must navigate various webs and fields to destroy and evade enemies which emerge from the center of the playing area and shoot and advance on the player. Players also will have a limited amount of Smart Bombs to use which destroy all in site which is a big help when enemies make their way to the edge of the playing area and start advancing their way to take out the players.

The game has some great new maps and colors and the action is fast paced and insane but will seem very familiar for fans of the original.

Playing on a PS4 Pro did have a bit of a learning curve as the control stick is not as ideal to circle a map as the disc of the original as I often found myself going too far or not far enough at first.

The gameplay is fast and intense but did seem repetitive after a while. No matter how many new maps, colors, and enemies it throws at you, it still comes down to how fast you can spin and shoot.

Tempest 4000 is a pleasant enough distraction for those looking for some updated nostalgia and a few hours of fun gameplay.

3.5 stars out of 5