11 Things That Give Casinos A Better Advantage

Year after year, casinos continue to grow. Of course, there is a secret behind this steady success. You can talk about coming up with strategies that offer customers with a better gameplay, indestructible security measures and most recently, the introduction of online Casinos which https://freshcasinobonus.com/ tell us all the time about.


On deeper analysis, however, there is more to it. Casinos have been using additional witty techniques to keep and draw more and more people into the sport. Read on to find out what these are.


Casinos promise you more where they are winning


Casinos promise a better payout on games that have a very slim chance of winning. Let it ride, Caribbean stud, and poker are examples of such games. These games feature a collection of rules all of which tend to lean the advantage more onto the houses’ side. With the life-changing payouts in mind and with little knowledge about the house’s advantage, more people stay in the games longer hoping that they will win it one day.


Everything is designed to make you stay longer


Everything inside the casino is aimed at making you lose track of time so that you can spend more time there. The flashy lights, beautiful ladies, the fact that there are no clocks and windows in there, free Wi-Fi and the list goes on.


The dealers


Ever tried tipping a casino dealer when you are almost calling it a day? As a policy by most casinos, dealers will prefer that you bet it for them with a hope that they will double it. However, this is just a trick to make you stay longer at the dealing table.

If you are winning, you will definitely be the dealer’s favorite. You are not going home any time soon because as they cheer on, most dealers will shove a chip or two in their pockets so as they encourage you to carry on, there’s something for them too.


The good scent you long for in a casino


Ever wondered about the smell in your favorite casino? It smells so authentic and real, right? Well, one thing’s for sure, it is not a mistake. The slot machine scent is a design psychology trick aimed at making your brain long for that particular scent in future.

To prove this, research was carried out back in 2006. Two odors that were deemed to be pleasant were released into separate slot areas. An odorless casino area was used as a control. The first odor increased returns to that particular slot by almost 5 percent. The second scent and the odorless slot (control) did not display a notable difference in regard to returns to the casino. This paper revealed that some smells and odors can influence how people gamble.

Better than your house


Casinos are just the perfect illusion of a super home. Everything from the homey feel to the endless entertainment exceeds those of an ordinary house. You will actually feel all the happiness and satisfaction slipping away as you after exit that casino!


Feed the psychological Id


Every human being wants to satisfy his/her Id needs. Having a never-tiring casino crowd cheering you on as you go is just the perfect way to feel rich and glamorous even if it is only for a few hours.


The endless party pits


Today, most big casinos have their party pits laid out in a maze design. When you finally decide to leave your party pit and head home, you will most probably find something captivating in the next party pit and end up staying longer in the casino.


The chips actually make you bet more


Casinos want you to gamble away as much money as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to make you think that you are not losing real money.

Casino tokens create just the perfect illusion for not losing real money. The reality only hits you after you have lost everything.


Forget everything


Focusing on your best game at a casino will actually make you forget everything else. Be it be a troubling job or a stressful relationship, your favorite slot machine can be the closest friend to help you forget everything.


Casinos don’t keep records


It’s very hard for you to find a casino that shows you how much you have lost. In fact, the casino aims at making you forget very fast every time you lose. This is why most people gamble all their money to the last penny.


Cheating is minimal


People always want to make their money off of schemes that they can actually trust. The introduction of harsh security measures to minimize cheating has made casinos to be one of them. The fact that players are sure that the machines are not going to be tampered with makes them gamble more.