Strange Brigade

I first encountered Strange Brigade during a meeting with Rebellion at E3. Although we only had a limited play session, we were impressed with the game as it was a very pleasant surprise.

The game is finally here and now the public can enjoy the winning mixture of action, puzzles, comedy, and nostalgia. Playing as one of four characters in a 1930s setting, players can play either solo or co-op as they explore and battle around Egypt against an ancient evil.

Armed with pistols, grenades, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns, players must batter endless waves of supernatural enemies who are determined to stop you no matter the cost.

Thankfully you can give out a ton of damage from punches to your arsenal, as well as special crates that allow players to purchase additional weapons for a limited time that can really help clear things out.

There are also numerous traps which can be triggered and it is very satisfying to watch a horde get cut to shreds in a blade trap or impaled and roasted with others.

Players will be able to upgrade their weapons as well as increase their ammo supply at various checkpoints along the way.

Players will also have the option to solve puzzles to get additional loot as well as access to other areas of the map.

The characters also have a magical amulet which allows them to open various objects but also allows them to collect energy from dispatched enemies and use it against them when a sufficient amount has been collected.

The levels are very engaging and include tombs, dig sites, market places, and other locales which also have plenty to keep players engaged.

Rebellion has announced that a 5th playable character will be available at launch and there are at least three other players coming down the road.

There is a big difference in character play as I enjoy having the rapid-fire approach of a Machine Gun but some may find the single shot rifle or a thunderous shotgun more to their liking. I found the shotgun to be a devastating weapon but having to reload after two shots makes it harder when playing on your own as you can get overwhelmed fast.

The variety of enemies is good as undead walkers do make up the bulk of the enemy force but there are Mummies, Pirates, and armor clad guardians who take a bit of damage before they go down.

The game also has an interesting feature in that there is an announcer who narrates the action and chapters with witty quips that gives the game a sense of the old-style action serials of old.

Players looking to take a break from the campaign can play a Horde mode where enemies come in waves and players must use gold to purchase access to other areas and weapons. There is also a score mode where players have to race through a level causing as much mayhem as they can along the way.

Strange Brigade is a very fun game that once I started to play I could not put it down. I actually completed the game solo and now look forward to playing the campaign with a team so we can try other tactics and explore other areas.

The graphics and sound of the game are solid and it moves along at a very crisp pace which allows players to have fast action and smooth movements.

I am really looking forward to see what DLC will follow as I absolutely love this game as Strange Brigade is a winning and fun adventure that is not to be missed.

4.5 stars out of 5