If you can manage to throw away what you know about the Marvel Comic book story of Venom, you’ll enjoy this movie immensely. After a successful re-launching of the Spiderman series, it’s no surprise Sony Pictures would capitalize and develop a Venom spin-off.

Venom follows investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), who’s living life in San Francisco with his fiancé Annie (Michelle Williams) after being blacklisted by all media outlets in New York for his outlandish attempts at digging for the truth to his stories. Eddie, with his inability to follow protocol and keep boundaries, he steals confidential information from his fiancé’s computer, loses the only job willing to hire him, and tries to bring down the

powerful Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), famed bio-tech entrepreneur. Behind the façade of Drake’s disease curing company, Life Foundation, Drake’s major motive is to bond with alien creatures called symbiotes in hopes of recreating the human by providing them with the ability to survive in space. He managed to send a rocket into space and return 4 symbiotes which he tests on human’s killing 2 of the symbiotes and leaving one to escape and the last one to test on himself. Realizing the amount of power he gets from the merging of the two species, Drake decides he wants to head back into space and bring back more symbiotes

With nothing left to lose, Brock breaks into the Life Foundation and ends up becoming infected by one of the last 2 symbiotes which eventually introduces itself to Brock as Venom. With Venom inhabiting Eddie’s body, they become an unlikely human killing machine each trying to keep to their species capabilities. This unusual pairing consists of quick witted banter, with each trying to upstage the other.

As the two begin to spend some quality time “together,” they realize they aren’t much different. They figure out a way to co-exist all for the sake of saving the human race.

A fast-paced superhero movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, laughing out loud, and completely entertained. The character development is a bit lacking, however the action sequences, and the comradery between our morphed superhero makes up for some of the holes in the story line.

3.5 out of 5 stars