Sega Reveals Their Twitch Con Lineup

Looks like some great stuff here.


SEGA Bringing Bootyful Lineup of Content and Livestreams to TwitchCon

What do zombie pirates, crab monsters, ghostbusting janitors and ancient Chinese warlords have in common? Why, the SEGA TwitchCon booth of course!

In two weeks’ time, SEGA will be bringing some of their most celebrated and anticipated titles to TwitchCon with weekend-long streams and brand new playable content for the critically acclaimed Total War: WARHAMMER II, as well as the highly anticipated Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, and a sneak peek at what’s around the corner for smash hit Two Point Hospital.

There’ll be vampire pirates, zombie deckhands and crab monsters abound, as we celebrate Halloween early with a world exclusive hands-on opportunity to play Curse of the Vampire Coast, the recently announced campaign pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II.

Also playable is the upcoming Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, the highly anticipated historical strategy game from Creative Assembly. Bringing its fan-favorite night-time ambush battle to TwitchCon, players will be treated to a fly-over of the gorgeous new campaign map before plunging headfirst into a fight for survival. Generals Sun Ren and Sun Quan find their army assailed from all sides, and it’s up to you to lead them to safety, or – if you’re able – outright victory.

In addition, Two Point Hospital will be in attendance at TwitchCon, with a top-secret announcement set to be revealed at the show. Whether you’re new to the game or a loyal hospital administrator, you’ll be interested to hear what they have to say.

If you’re spending Halloween weekend at home – don’t fret! At least not more than the holiday dictates. With both official streams and high-profile guest streamers showcasing our new and upcoming content throughout the weekend, from Two Point Hospital and Curse of the Vampire Coast to Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, Total War: ROME II and more, you’re at no risk of being left out!

The streams will be kicking off Friday, October 26th at 10:30 am PDT on the official SEGA and Total War channels, and will continue running for the duration of TwitchCon between 10:30 am and 6:00 pm from Friday to Sunday. Watch the streams at and

More information regarding the streams and streamers will be revealed soon – so be sure to keep an eye on the social media channels of SEGA, Total War and Two Point Hospital.

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