GeekGirlCon ’18: Celebrating Geeky Women in the #MeToo Era

GeekGirlCon ’18: Celebrating Geeky Women in the #MeToo Era

SEATTLE – GeekGirlCon ’18 is happening this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 27-28, 2018,at The Conference Center at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle!

GeekGirlCon ’18 is more than a pop culture convention. Of course, there will be gaming, artists, exhibitors, cosplay and our famous DIY Science Zone! But what makes GeekGirlCon different from other events is one simple concept: that conventions should include content for less-represented identities, including a focus on women’s contributions in traditionally male-dominated fields such as science, technology, comics, media, and gaming.

Some of the panels and workshops that may interest you:

Standing Strong: #MeToo and the Women of Geek Media
Join Super Heroines, Etc. as they discuss the women of comics, films, and video games and their #MeToo experiences. How can we look to our favorite fandoms to enact positive change?

Creating a Culture of Consent: From Cosplay to Classrooms
Learn about what consent means, sounds, and feels like. Discuss of how and when questions of consent appear in our relationships, in our communities, and in geek culture. Ages 13+

One Geek To Rule Them All: How to Run For Office and Win
Geek culture is full of women who decided to make their own rules and advocate for change. Learn more about building a campaign and why YOU already have the experience necessary to run.

GeekGirlCon Code of Conduct: “No” Means No

Since our very first con in 2011, GeekGirlCon has implemented a Code of Conduct for all guests which prohibits harassment in many forms, including: unwelcome attention; stalking; use of physical force;
lewd or generally offensive behavior or language; sexually explicit or offensive language or conduct.

We make it easier to report violations: GeekGirlCon Agents on the floors to answer questions and a
GeekGirlCon Reaction team to ensure the safety of all guests.

We are expecting about 12,000+ geeks for GeekGirlCon ’18, our annual two-day convention with an
inclusive environment for all ages that celebrates every geek!

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