Battlefield V: Deep Dive Multiplayer Trailer

This looks interesting as we get closer to the release of the game we will see more and more revealed.


This morning, the team at DICE released a deep dive trailer featuring the 8 maps available for Battlefield V multiplayer at launch on November 20. From the snowy elevations of Norway to the relentless desert heat of North Africa, some of these maps are sure to find themselves in the ranks of Battlefield classics. Rounding out the roster are the tight, urban maps of a war-torn Rotterdam and the dramatic French countryside where early skirmishes of the war were fought.

Each of the maps is diverse and cater to a variety of playstyles – in this video, your readers can get a good first look at each of them and start to get a feel for what’s in store at launch.
We will have much more to share with you soon, as this is just the beginning of the Battlefield V journey. Let us know how we can help with your coverage of the game as we near launch on the 20th!