Lego DC Super Villains

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Lego have teamed up again to make yet another winning entry into their Lego series of games with Lego DC Super Villains.

I got an early look at the game at E3 and San Diego Comic Con including a visit with one of the Producers as well as an interview with key members of the voice cast so I was happy to have a more well-rounded perspective of what to expect going into the final release of the game. My staff played it at PAX West and were very impressed with it as well which only lead to the anticipation to try the final game.

The game allows players to craft their own villain using the easy to use and fun character creator as you enter the world of DC in order to deliver menace.

Iconic characters ranging from Lex Luthor to Captain Cold, Cheetah, Harley Quin, The Joker, and countless others are available to play and each has their own unique set of abilities. Players can switch between character sets in a mission as the puzzles often require specific abilities to complete. Lex Luthor may have some impressive firepower with his power suit, but when agility and climbing are required you will need to have other options.

Missions are fun and ideal for gamers of all ages as defeating enemy’s results in a shower of Lego pieces which can often be used to construct items which are key to the success of a mission.

If you have ever played any of the Lego games released in the last few years; the open world setting and plethora of characters will seem familiar to you as well the family friendly fun the game will offer.

The game can be enjoyed as a co-op experience so playing with others is highly recommended as the puzzles often require a mix of action and thought to resolve.

I would suggest getting the game on one of the console platforms as I played it on a PC after playing it on consoles at conventions and I had a few issues playing on the PC from control response to some video issues.

The game offers bright and fun graphics and the sound of the game is punctuated by a top-notch voice cast who will be very familiar with fans of many of the animated DC offerings.

The game will have future DLC available which will allow even more characters to become available and increase the fun and variety of the game.

If you are a fan of Lego or DC; you will not want to miss this one.

4 stars out of 5