The Grinch

This iteration of the Dr. Seuss holiday classic is from Universal Studios and Illumination (the creators that brought you “Despicable Me” and “Minions”). You may recognize the voices of Benedict Cumberbatch (The Grinch), Rashida Jones (Donna Who, Cindy-Lou Who’s mother), Kenan Thompson (Mr. Bricklebaum The Grinch’s closest, by distance, neighbor), Pharrell Williams (The Narrator) and Angela Landsbury (The Mayor).

The storyline follows the original story loosely, focusing on The Grinch and Cindy-Lou Who. We are given a look at how The Grinch came to hate Christmas. The back story credibly explains why he despises the holiday and all that goes with it. We do get to see his relationship with his loyal dog Max. The Grinch is portrayed as a grump, but he is endearing to his dog.

Cindy-Lou Who has a plan to execute in order to accomplish her Christmas wish. We learn that her wish is for her mom and she feels it important to get her message to Santa in time for Christmas day. With her best friend Axl and the rest of her gang, they hatch a plan for Cindy to catch Santa and give him the message. Meanwhile, The Grinch has his own Christmas plans to put together.

The movie has the basic framework of the Seuss holiday tale, the animated feature gives the characters more of a personality than the original. We are endeared to Cindy-Lou Who and her friends that support her dreams as well as seeing The Grinch showing that he loves his dog, the loyal companion and helper. He is not all bad and is redeemable.

“The Grinch” is a cute, charming family film that brings the audience into the Holiday Season. It is a movie that the little ones can appreciate and the adults can enjoy as well. This is a good, kid friendly, animated feature.

3/5 Stars