Wyndham Grand Desert: Las Vegas

Recently we stayed at the Wyndham Grand Desert in Las Vegas. We had stayed at two Wyndham properties prior so we were looking forward to a nice stay as we sadly were in town for a funeral and we were drained when we checked in.

Check in at first went very easy until we were told to go to another desk for our parking pass and welcome package. During our first visit to a Wyndham property in Phoenix they pushed a presentation on us as part of our requirement at check in and even took an extra deposit from us to ensure we showed up to hear their sales pitch.

We had booked this trip on Orbitz and there was no mention at all of a presentation. We had stayed at a resort in Phoenix in September and had the same experience, no mention until check in but a recent stay at a property in Irvine did not have this requirement so we had hoped to avoid it.

I told the rep that we were not interested in a tour, meeting, pitch, or presentation. I said we went through it in September, we are in town for a funeral and do not want it. She said oh no it is just a breakfast to tell us how we are and I am giving you 30,000 points to a two night stay. I said the last time we did that we had to pay a deposit to make sure we went to a meeting. I am not doing a sales pitch or tour. She said no, we do not do that and you get the points no matter what all you need to do is tell us how you like your room over breakfast. I said to her again no pitches; she said it is not what it is just a fast survey. Then she asked for a deposit. I said I thought there was none and she mumbled something and went over the form. I said why are we asked about a tour she said it was a formality and does not apply.

The next morning we had to go past breakfast to a counter. I had In Laws with mobility issues and we were told we had to do a two hour tour. I repeated what I had been told and was told well a Manager has to agree to give back your deposit. He did in time but when I asked about the gift I was told was ours with no tour he said well that’s a requirement. He said sorry you were not given proper information. We came to stay at a room and got a very high pressure sale from the start. I said repeatedly no and we were flat out lied to. We were promised a breakfast we never got and a two night stay. We were also pressured nonstop during our stay even a last minute call to come and do a three room tour and a survey for a reward less than we had been offered just for doing a survey over breakfast.

The facility is nice as it is located near the strip and has a shuttle that makes it very appealing. There are also plenty of swimming facilities as well as a free cinema showing older releases as well as a nice recreation area and a Spa. This combined with dining options and a bar makes it a very appealing place.

Our room was very nice and had a complete kitchen as well as two television sets, a washer and dryer, and plenty of comforts.

From a room standpoint there were no issues at all as it was first-rate and the location and amenities were fantastic. However when you pay for a stay in full up front, and there is no mention of a sales pitch you should not have to endure one, especially when I said at check in repeatedly we did not want one and were blatantly lied to and pressured over it again and again during our stay. It seems as if they entire purpose of the facility is too get you in to sit through their pitch regardless of your desires and concerns. As such it makes it very difficult to suggest staying at this hotel as who wants to have to endure high-pressure and misleading tactics during a stay that you have paid for?