Remembering Stan Lee

I remember the first time I met Stan Lee up close at Comic-Con International We had just covered an event at a hotel and were making our way over to the San Diego Convention Center when Stan popped into the walkway by the hotel lobby. It was clear he was on his way somewhere and his security was urging him along. Stan still took the time to smile and greet those around him and even apologized for having to rush off. My wife has covered his panels while I was covering other events as there was always a scheduling conflict that kept me from attending over the years.

What always impressed me was that he had a true joy for his fans and fandom even in his later years. His vast legacy of characters and achievements will live on and have changed the world of film and comics. But his true love for the fans and his passion for his work is what I will remember and how he gave back and continued to find the energy to attend cons and meet the fans until the very end. The world is a diminished place without you and Thank you for giving me a lifetime of memories and joy from my childhood to today and beyond. R.I.P. You will be greatly missed but always remembered.